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Founded in 1952, Vanbros designs, builds, and furnishes premium private residences and commercial places for its discerning clients. We respond to your specific aspirations and requirements and balance originality and imagination with professional skills and sound financial management. We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients through our unremitting dedication to every aspect of service.

At Vanbros, we embrace designing ideas and approaches that bring out a sense of luxury and opulence in the space. We bring together superlative creative energy, top-notch composition, high-grade resources, and industry-grade experience to deliver end results that are truly distinctive, with each design conveying a different story.

Our knack for luxurious and elite designs has also provided us an opportunity to work alongside some of the top interior designers and architectural firms in India and aboard. All our exclusive projects are fabricated as per our client’s expectations, with each holding a fascinating story to tell.
Rasik Bahl and Associates alias Rasik Bahl, Modus Designs alias Pinki Pandit, Sikka Associates Architects alias Raman Sikka, Space Design Consultants alias Vinod Gupta, We Design alias Anil Singh, Morphogenesis, Casaforma, London alias Faiza Seth, Interiors with Art, London, Bedmar & Shi Pite Ltd., Singapore, etc. are some of the experienced architects and interior designers we have worked with.

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E-mail: sumedha.pant@vanbrosindia.com | info@vanbrosindia.com

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