We bring to you versatile custom-made designs that boast convenience while featuring compartments with a wide-range of hardware and accessories to meet all requirements.

Having backed by the best resources including world-class manufacturing, latest technology, Flat panel processing gives us the capacity for high-quality production of wardrobes, kitchens and built-in carpentry. Our use of modern machinery allows us to guarantee consistency, but we achieve our high level of detail and refinement by tapping into the traditional culture of artisanship that remains singularly accessible in contemporary India.

Wardrobes and Vanities by Vanbros Construction: Our custom-made wardrobes, featuring deep grey finishes, are meticulously crafted from high-quality materials like engineered wood. They boast a range of design elements, including smooth surfaces, clean lines, and elegant hardware.

Luxury wardrobes from Vanbros may incorporate built-in lighting, adjustable shelves, and spacious drawers, combining functionality with visual appeal. Our specially handcrafted wardrobes, adorned with an off-white finish and made from premium wood, embody a minimal design aesthetic that seamlessly blends with interior spaces – a fundamental aspect of our design projects.

At Vanbros Construction, we prioritize the optimal use of spaces while ensuring a captivating visual outlook. Our commitment to personalized design extends to custom drawers that provide a tailored and organized view.

In luxury homes, our artisanal wardrobes and vanities redefine the aesthetic, bringing a distinctive design look to the entire project. They seamlessly sync with the overarching design theme, elevating the overall appeal of the space. A luxury washroom vanity, a cornerstone of high-end bathrooms, is thoughtfully incorporated to add both style and functionality to the space, reflecting the signature touch of Vanbros Construction.